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The LaMarre Theater is a state of the art  5000-square-foot performance/event venue, located less than 3 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.  The Theater boasts a fully equipped high tech lighting and sound system, green rooms, a 24-foot stage, a storage facility and lounge area.  The Theater is surrounded by a variety of restaurants, bars and the captivating scenic views associated with the famed Arts District.

Theater Lights


The LaMarre Theater is committed to bringing Diversity to the Las Vegas entertainment scene and attracting a broad spectrum of entertainment to the city.  Our team of in-house producers have over 30 years experience in Live Show productions from New York to Los Angeles and Las Vegas



Our hands-on approach to developing projects and working with show producers, makes our team one of the best Live Theater producers in the business.  Currently, we have 2 Resident shows in Las Vegas and a single touring show.  We are looking to increase this to 6 Live Shows and 3 touring shows.  We are also looking to work with other producers on bringing exciting talent and productions to the Las Vegas entertainment scene.   

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